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Understanding images at a human level

Cortica's unsupervised learning technology works like a human brain

The first AI capable of human-level image understanding.

Even the most advanced technology has never been able to understand the visual world as well as people do—until now.

By leveraging proprietary brain research to create self-learning AI, Cortica has developed the most effective computer vision system ever seen. This technology is utilized to build products that improve lives across the world.

Object Recognition

Beyond Object Recognition

Our Image2Text® technology understands the fundamental content of an image—far beyond simple keywords.

Unsupervised Learning


Our AI is modeled on cortex activity, allowing it to learn just like humans. No manual training is required.

Human-level Image Understanding

Human-level Understanding

By understanding the context and theme of each photo, our technology provides a personalized, human output.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Smart City

The Foundation of Cortica

As researchers in 2003, Cortica‚Äôs founders embarked on a challenge to hack into live brain tissue. By doing so a revolutionary new understanding of cortical networks was garnered. Armed with this knowledge, in combination with work in Neuroscience, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science, a different kind of AI and a different kind of company was created—Cortica.

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Cortica's Internation Headquarters in Tel-Aviv

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