Senior Machine Learning Researcher - Tel Aviv

We are seeking an experienced and highly skilled machine learning researcher (data scientist) to play a leading role in the development the next generation of Cortica's face recognition engine. The position will include diving into the heart of most recent deep learning developments and conducting innovative research in one of the most exciting fields in computer science today. The candidate is expected to have a proven record of innovation and problem solving in leading academic institutes and industry.


Desired skills:

PhD in Computer Science or relevant discipline

Publications at top-tier peer-reviewed conferences/journals

At least 3 years industry experience in R&D positions, in one the following fields:

Proven track record of innovation in creating novel algorithms

C++ - at least 5 years of experience

Python - at least 2 years of experience

Experience with development of machine learning applications (advantage)

Experience with ML frameworks, i.e. Tensorflow/Torch/Theano (advantage)

Strong communication and collaboration skills

Please email a resume/cv and cover letter to