Our technology is changing industries

By visually indexing the world we are able to apply our core technology across varying industries to fundamentally change the way systems interact with the world.


Visually indexing the human body allows us to devise smart radiology, pathology, tomography and more.

Life and death decisions are made every day in hospitals all over the world and doctors need the most advanced technology to make the correct medical decisions. Cortica is working with medical professionals to build AI systems that can help determine the best course of action based on visual data.

By enabling split-second visual comparisons between similar medical cases, our technology will open up a whole new realm of visual information and help caregivers ensure the best outcomes for their patients.

AI technology for medical imaging


Visually indexing personal photos allows us to create products with organization, complete personalization, and the ability to process complex searches. We create apps that allow users to manage photos in a way that is meaningful and personal so that you can share them with the people who matter most. Each individual is different – every collection of photos is as well. By understanding these collections at a deep level we can create personal, customized experiences automatically.

AI technology for autonomous vehicles