Our story

Cortica is a pioneer in the field of Autonomous AI. Over the past 15 years, we have invested more than $250M to develop a vast portfolio of Autonomous AI technologies that are protected by 300+ patents.

We partner with global market leaders to build Autonomous AI companies that have an unfair technological and business advantage in order to address large market opportunities.


Cortica’s revolutionary Autonomous AI mirrors how the human
Cortex processes information and learns.
Simulate the human brain, by shifting from traditional AI labels to generic representations. Information is indexed and compressed into neural responses, with efficient data processing.
Adaptive Architecture
Brain-like, scenario-focused contextual adaptivity. A sparse set of resources are applied during processing, translating into superior performance and higher efficiency.
Neural network algorithms are self-learned in a dynamic environment, independent from manually labelled data and immune against data biases.
Speed & Scalability
Processing and indexing high-volumes of data on low compute platforms.
Like the human Cortex, our systems can handle any type of signal, including visual, audio, radar, time series, and more.

Cortica's Portfolio Companies

Together with our partners, Cortica has built multiple
transformative Autonomous AI companies.
And there are more to come!
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