The future is
powered by AI.
The future of AI is autonomy.

Cortica is developing the next generation of AI technology – Autonomous AI that enables machines to think.

Autonomous AI

A new era of AI is necessary to enable the next revolution of intelligent machines.
Cortica has created the future of artificial intelligence. By leveraging unsupervised learning, the same process that the human brain uses to incorporate data, Cortica gives machines the same limitless understanding of visual information that humans enjoy.

Cortica’s Autonomous AI learns on its own in real-time, interacts with the real world and collaborates with other machines.
Based upon proprietary brain research, the AI platform is modeled on neuron activity and learning mechanisms occurring in the mammal brain. This technology has been developed for over 10 years and is backed by more than 200 patents.

Unique Technology

Cortica’s autonomous AI takes a fundamentally different approach to intelligence.


The Cortica Autonomous AI comprehends concepts and context and provides task generalization and predictive power. With its conceptual understanding it can interpret multiple concepts simultaneously, and make inferences based upon them. This next-level understanding exceeds the capabilities of traditional deep learning systems, which lack true understanding as they focus primarily on object classification.



Cortica’s Autonomous AI learns organically–like a newborn. It interacts with noisy, unstructured data to teach itself new concepts. The AI learns in real-time–reinforcing the intelligence as new concepts and situations arise. This covers edge cases and allows for minimal and efficient training, without any manual training or annotated and segmented data. The technology operates in a closed loop and is adaptive to conditions and constraints. This makes the platform limitless at scale.



The flat, hierarchical architecture of Cortica’s technology makes it fully transparent with explainable results. State-of-the-art deep learning technologies are a “black box” that make results difficult to predict and are therefore less reliable. The level of clarity and insight enabled by Cortica’s Autonomous AI is necessary to make safe autonomous vehicles and smarter, more intuitive systems.



Cortica’s Autonomous AI is able to collaborate with other AI agents and modules. The technology is based on patented signature files that are lightweight and robust. Signatures process inputs from any natural signal for a complete understanding of concepts and context and can be easily shared between agents and amalgamated from varying input sources.


The Pillars of Autonomous AI

Cortica’s autonomous AI takes a fundamentally different approach.


Cortica’s Autonomous AI technology translates visual information into a universal, text-based structural representation. This process makes complex information and enormous amounts of data easily searchable and better organized for deeper insights into big data.

The unsupervised system proactively maps input signals to these high-dimensional, lossless concept signatures. Because the files are lightweight and robust the system has unmatched efficiency and scalability.



Cortica’s Autonomous AI is based on unsupervised self-learning methodologies. The system is able to both learn and operate in real-time the same way a person does – finding commonalities, clustering them, and seeking to make sense of the data without outside intervention.



Cortica’s Autonomous AI can collect, discern and organize the represented information into true knowledge. With a conceptual understanding garnered from fully unsupervised learning methodologies the AI mimics human cognitive comprehension–learning and understanding at a human level.


The Future of AI

Autonomous AI is changing what’s possible for machines.

Cortica’s Autonomous AI will usher in a new paradigm for machines that are self-learning and self-taught. The results of the 10 year research to create a machine that can think and reason like a human being make our cities more secure, our infrastructure better and our roads safer.

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